The Nokesville School

TNS School Counseling Department

The School Counseling Department at The Nokesville School is aligned with particular mindsets and behaviors put forth by the American School Counseling Association, and then established by stakeholders such as students, teachers, families, and community members. The program also addresses standards for both the state of Virginia and Prince William County Public Schools.

Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive and culturally responsive school counseling program that assesses the strengths and needs of all students, staff and community; advocates for the diverse developmental needs of all students based on their learning styles; and collaborates with stakeholders to focus on academic, personal/social and career development. Through communication and building positive relationships, the department provides a safe and supportive environment so that all students achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society in their desired post-secondary path.

The TNS School Counseling Department vision statement is:

A world-class School Counseling Department that inspires and provides lessons in leadership as a foundation for all students to achieve success in life.

The School Counselors at The Nokesville School believe the following:

  • All students can achieve and be successful.
  • With a comprehensive school counseling program, we can address the developmental needs of every student.
  • School counselors are leaders who collaborate & coordinate opportunities for growth academically, socially, and emotionally in every student, which in turn prepares them for future success in career and life.
  • The school counselors, administration, staff, School Counseling Advisory Council, parents/guardians, and community all play an integral part in planning, managing, delivering and evaluating the school counseling program.
  • As part of a comprehensive school counseling program, data and research based programs are consistently used to guide program goals and the methods to achieve those goals.
  • School counselors apply the ASCA ethical standards for school counselors in the ongoing efforts to provide a world-class, comprehensive school counseling program.

What does a School Counselor do?

A School Counselor delivers services through the following:

Classroom Lessons

Students in grades K-8 will be participating in “Lessons in Leadership” that will take place on a regular basis throughout the year. Concepts that will be covered can be found on the School Counseling Department webpage, so be sure to check that frequently. Tips for parents and student work samples will be posted. You won’t want to miss how each topic can help your children be a leader of tomorrow!

Small Groups

Small group sessions are educational opportunities for students to learn and practice new skills, strengthen existing skills and/or learn ways to cope with difficult situations/problems. Typically groups are formed based on students’ needs and take place for 5-8 sessions during the school day. Possible topics are: friendship/social skills, anger & stress management, self-esteem, self-control, changing families, and academic success skills. Please contact your child's school counselor if you are interested in referring your child to one of the groups.

Individual Counseling

Short term, goal focused, individual counseling is available at the request of parents, teachers, or student self-referral. Referrals to outside agencies will be made if the student’s needs require more support than available at school.