PWCS has a Home Learning page of resources here
The 6th grade team is using Teams through MS Office 365 and our webpages for notes and worksheets instead of posting on the School Messenger Website.  Students can access this on the Nokesville Symbaloo (here) with their login and password. The student login is the first six letters of their last name, first initial, middle initial, and the same password they use for computer logins.  If you have problems or questions, please contact me at

In the Files and Documents section of this webpage, you will find a file labeled 
6th grade science - Home Learning. That folder will provide guidance and resources. It includes a list of standards by unit that have and have not been taught. 

I have attached the email I sent when this all started. If you did not get this email, please email me at so with your name and your child's name so we can update your email in our system. 

Please remember that at this point, everything is optional. You have to follow what is best for your family and child. Below are resources that students can explore based on their own interests in science topics.

Science News for Students has great science articles for students to read. They can pick anything that interests them and then they can write or share a summary with an adult.

Scholastic has created different lesson for each day based on grade level. The activities are cross-curricular and high interest.

Ck-12 is an online learning text that includes videos, and short labs and demonstrations. Students can look up any topic they are interested in at this point in time. They also have math and limited social studies topics as well.

There are lots of fun coding games for kids to try.

This is a website that has answers to random questions. This is geared to younger kids but might be fun for them to do with younger siblings. 

If you have Netflix, watching Brainchild or The Who Was show are also great. There are also some great podcasts as well. My kids, who are slightly younger, love Wow in the World, a science based show. I also introduced all students to the middle school based  story podcast, The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel. 

If you have a public library card, you can access two apps, Libby and Hoopla, which offer audiobooks and E books for free. Now is a great time to encourage their reading of whatever interests them. Now is a great time to just encourage learning of any kind and let them have fun. My kids made leprechaun traps this weekend and I count that as STEM :)

I miss all my students and if you want to email me, I will be checking my email daily. Enjoy your time at home. 

Stay safe and healthy, 

Mallory Dove