Language Arts

Welcome to Mrs. Pixley's 6th Grade Language Arts!

Welcome to my page!  I hope that you are staying healthy and doing a little reading and/or writing each day!  

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Reading Standards Taught:

6.4b- Use synonyms and antonyms to expand vocabulary

6.4c- Context Clues

6.4d/6.5h -Figurative Language

6.4e-Reference Materials

6.5a-Elements of Narrative Structure

6.5b/6.6i- Cause and Effect

6.5e-Word Choice and Imagery

6.5f/6.6e-Draw Conclusions and Make Inferences


6.5i-Compare and Contrast

6.5j/6.6f&g-Author’s Organizational Pattern

6.5k/6.6k-Reading Strategies to monitor comprehension

6.6b/6.6c-Main Idea and Supporting Details


6.6j-Analyze ideas between selections

 Reading Standards Not Taught:

6.4a- Origins and Derivations (We left off here)

6.4b-Use Roots and Affixes (We left off here)

6.6h-Fact and Opinion

*We also did not get to the Poetry Unit which is 6.5

Writing/Grammar Standards Taught:

6.7a-l- all have been taught

6.8c-Verb Tenses

6.8f-verbs, adjectives, adverbs (verbs in detail)

6.8g- Use correct spelling for frequently used words

6.8h-Use subordinating and coordinating conjunctions

Writing/Grammar Standards Not Taught:

6.8a-subject-verb agreement

6.8a-Pronoun-antecedent agreement

6.8d-Eliminate Double Negatives

6.8e-Use quotation marks with dialogue