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PWCS has a Home Learning page of resources here
  Students can access Clever, Everfi and WelNet on the Nokesville Symbaloo with their login and password. The student login is the first six letters of the last name, first initial, middle initial, and the same password they use for computer logins. 

Hi, Girls- 5/1/2020:
Ignition Lesson on Everfi by 5/8/20
You will sign in through Clever(it's in the waffle)
Click Everfi- looks like this everfi
Once on Everfi, you will see access to 3 lessons.  
This week, our goal is to complete Ignition about Digital Safety.  I am hoping this will help as we are all using devices while at home and this will help us think safely while online.

Continue to complete your logs on WelNet(also on Clever) 

It looks like this WelNet
If you are having trouble with either of these online options, please send me an email so I can help.  I am happy to email or do a conference call to help.

If you or your family members use Instagram, ask them to follow @BDHSPHYED so you can see new ideas for workouts plus it will give you a sneak peak into High School PE :)

Hi, Girls- *3/30/20
We are launching the use of Welnet on Clever.  I am attaching the instructions here. Some of you used these last week (we did a dry run and thank you to the girls that entered their exercised! I look forward to seeing your achievements. 

Instructions to access your personal log:

  1. Use the application called WelNet
  2. From your Welnet Dashboard, you will see Fitness “my scores” and Behavior logs “activity log #1” and “activity log #2”
  3. The logs are dated.  We are beginning with Activity log #2 which begins Monday, March 30.  End date for this log is April 5th, and the log closes on April 6th.
  4. Log fitness and movement activity!  Its super simple.  Click the red plus button to add what you did.  
    1. Log the hours &/or minutes.  Pay close attention!  It could be easy to put that you did 30 hours of work in, when you meant 30 minutes 😊  
    2. Place your actual movements, activities, or workout in the description.
    3. Choose if the activity or workout was a component of fitness, ie: cardiorespiratory, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, etc.
    4. Choose your intensity level 
    5. Hit save!
  5. Your goal should be 2-5 hours of movement a week.


Please be sure that you have completed all missing work by the end of this week.  I still have quite a few students that haven't turned in their Anti-vaping project. (directions for this assignment are attached in the files and folder section). PE Make up sheet can also be found in the files and folders section.  Please double check and make sure you have all assignments turned in.  As always, If you need help or have questions, please email me at

Talk soon,
Mrs. Butler

March 25, 2020
Hi, Middle School PE girls-
I hope you all are well and doing something to keep moving!  I am in the process of adding the most recent of our past health documents so that you can catch up on any missing work.  I am sorry that we will not have the opportunity to finish our archery unit, but am very glad that we almost completed it.  If you were absent for any PE days with the exception of the last Friday, please complete the PE Make up sheet or answer the questions and email them to me so I can add that in the grade book.  If you can take a picture of the sheet, you can share it that way as well.  Same goes for any missing work, projects, etc.  I should know more about our plan by the end of the week, but I will share some workout suggestions(like 'just dance', you can find that on YouTube and FaceTime/skype with friends to make it a virtual dance) 
If you have any questions, please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I miss you all dearly!  ~Mrs. Butler

~~~Looking at the curriculum calendar below, please note that we completed archery thru shooting for score our final class.  Some students completed this:) We were scheduled to start our spring fitness testing and Family Life Education.  We would then move back into Physical Education for the remainder of the year.  

The Nokesville School 2019-2020
Girls Middle School PE & Health

Week Of: 6th grade 7th grade 8th grade  Notes:
8/26-8/30 First Week Procedures, Locks, Lockers, Pictures no school Friday 8/30
9/2- 9/6 Wellness and Nutrition Sept. 2: Labor Day No School
9/16-9/20 Sept. 9/10- Picture Day
9/23-9/27 Personal Fitness Analysis/Plan & Goal-Setting , Fitness testing, Cooperative games  
10/7-10/11 Monday Oct 8: Teacher Work Day
10/14-10/18 Nutrition, Stress 10/14  TWD
10/28-11/1 Monday Nov. 4: TWD
11/4-11/8 Invasion Games: Muscles and Joints Tues Nov. 5: TWD
11/11-11/15 Monday Nov 11: Veterans day: no school
11/25-11/29   Nov. 27-29: Thanksgiving Break
12/2-12/6 Social/Emotional/Mental Health   
12/23-12/27 Winter Break Dec 23-Jan 3
1/6-1/10 Dance Unit  
1/20-1/24 Biomechanical Analysis,  Offensive and Defensive Strategies (Basketball Unit) Monday Jan 20: MLK Day No School
1/27-1/31 Monday Jan 27: TWD
2/10-2/14 Substance Abuse Prevention, Opiods and Safe Medicine Use  
2/17-2/21 Feb 17: President's Day NO School
3/2-3/6  Net/Wall and Target Games,  (Archery Unit)  
3/23-3/27 Family Life Education  
3/30-4/3 Monday March 30: TWD
4/6-4/10 Spring Break: April 6-10
4/13-4/17 Fitness reflection and future planning Monday April 13: TWD
4/27-5/1 Fielding and Striking games, target games and sportsmanship   
5/11-5/15 Backyard Games-Kan-Jam, Ladderball, Table Tennis, Frisbee Golf, Cornhole, Four Square, Volleyball, Spikeball SOL's.  Funky schedule
5/25-5/29 May 25: Memorial Day 
6/1-6/5 Choice Week  
6/8-6/12 Collect Locks, Clean out lockers & cooperative games LAST DAY Fri 6/12
6/15 Teacher Workday