Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Michelle Breslin



Dear Parents/Guardians,


As we begin our journey together in our virtual classroom, it is important for your student to be able to access our lessons through Canvas and upload and submit work.  Your student will need to have access to a device that has a webcam and/or a microphone in order to participate in classroom discussions and upload work.
On September 4th, you will receive an e-mail with containing the QR codes for Clever and Seesaw as well as usernames for Office 365 and Raz-Kids.  Below are steps on how to access them throughout the school year.  Please keep the badges and usernames/passwords in a safe spot!



Your student will need to utilize his/her QR badge to log-in to their Clever Portal. Your student has used these badges before during their Technology classes.  It is through Clever that your student can access Canvas as well as other virtual applications, such as BrainPopBrainPopJr., and Discovery Education.   



Go to:  clever.com 

Click “Log in as a student” in the upper right-hand corner 


Click on the Clever badge login. 

Hold up the Clever badge that is attached to this e-mail and a green check mark will appear when your student has successfully logged in to their account. 


Tip: You also do not have to print the badge off. If you have another device, like a phone, you can just pull up the badge on your phone and hold that to the other device’s camera. Please keep it in a safe spot. 


Clever will not be available to students until September 4th, 2020 





Canvas will be the virtual platform we will be using with our students.  Students can get to Canvas in three ways. 
They can get in through Clever (mentioned above). They will use their Office 365 email address and password.
They can get in through Office 365 (mentioned below).
They can get in by going to https://pwcs.instructure.com. They will login using their Office 365 email address and password. 

Within Canvas, students will be able to access Clever, Zoom, Office 365, and Seesaw
, as well as their assignments. 



 Office 365


There may be activities your student will need to access through his/her Office 365 account.  This can be found on the sidebar of the class homeroom dashboard in Canvas. We suggest trying to test this account in the upcoming days.  If your student cannot remember his/her password, the website below will help you reset his/her password. 


Password: Your child should know his/her password.

If they do not remember their password, you can go to toolbox.pwcs.edu to reset their password.

Students will need to utilize their Seesaw badge to access Seesaw through Clever.  You can also access Seesaw at web.seesaw.me  This platform will be used for all subject areas as a way to turn in classwork.

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out. I am happy to help!