The choice boards will still be available over the summer if you choose to work on them.  Have a healthy, happy, and safe summer! 

On the 2nd Grade At Home Learning page, you will find the most current information as well as academic activities for your students to work on at home.

  • In the Links to Learning folder, you will find different learning links for the students to use.  
  • In the 2nd Grade Standards of Learning Objectives folder, you will find a document that indicates which Standards of Learning Objectives have and have not been taught. 
  • In the Weekly folders, you will find different learning activities and games for reading/writing, grammar, word study, mathematics, and social studies/science.  
  • In the Additional Resources for At Home Learning folder, you will find supplemental resources. These are resources that would be good to use after the weekly activities are completed in the weekly folders. They could be used to extend learning or as a different mode of practice. A lot of sites are offering free subscriptions to their sites during this unprecedented time.