Stacey Sucic

Picture of Mrs. Sucic

During our school's closure, please visit the Kindergarten Team Page and go to the Kindergarten Home Learning for links to suggested resources, lessons and activities you can do to help continue learning at home. 

As always, if you need anything or have questions, please do not hesitate to email me at!

To My Sweet Friends:

Even though we are apart, you will always be my students.  I miss you terribly and think about you often.  I miss your hugs, your stories, your smiles, and being in the classroom with you.   I am so proud of everything you all have learned thus far this year.  You have accomplished so much and should be very proud of yourselves!   Circumstances have changed, but I look forward to still being your teacher and giving you ideas on how to continue to learn from home because learning doesn’t ever end. Next year, when we are back in the classroom and you are 1st graders, I hope to get many visits and hugs hello in the morning on the way to your new classroom.  

Love, Mrs. Sucic

To the parents, I say THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to be your child’s kindergarten teacher and thank you for continuing to help your child learn and grow during these hard times.

Parents--As stated above, everything you will need over the next few months is on the Kindergarten Home Learning page. On this page we have helpful websites and activities (located in the content documents folder) that can provide practice in reading, writing, math, and social studies/science.  There is also a link to the PWCS Home Learning Page.  This website has some great resources put together by PWCS.

Starting the week of  March 30th, there will also be a choice board of activities that can be done.  The choice board includes 4 activity choices per subject each week.  Students may pick one activity from each subject to complete every day. The choice board will be updated each week and posted on the TNS Kindergarten grade team page under Kindergarten Home Learning in the content documents folder. We will also send out an email each Friday with the weekly choice board attached. These activities review standards previously taught this year.  At this time, these activities are optional.  If expectations change, we will communicate that to you.