March 25, 2020

Students we may not see each other everyday but I miss you and we will finish this year off together. I am going to outline a few things that you can do each day to keep learning. I am in the process of setting up a schedule with the other 5th grade teachers for us to chat via Zoom. We are hoping to have four days of virtual lessons each week. I hope you can join us for some of them. Please check Mrs. Walker's class page too for reading, writing, and social students information. 

1. Many of you took home your SOL review folder which has content in it for each unit in 5th grade and a review packet for 4th. Please continue to work through this a little bit at a time. If you did not bring it home with you please check the files section on this page as I will attach it to my web page by this Friday 3/27/20.

2. IXL and JLAB are wonderful websites to help with review and practice of the learning we have done together this year. Please share your scores with me by sending it to my school email:

3. We were finishing up our learning of sound energy and would have moved on to light energy. I will attach a study guide and activities for you to take a look at. If you have your workbook home with you feel free to finish up the chapter on light and sound energy. At this time, I can not require things be done nor can I grade you on your work. 

1. We were finishing up our unit on patterns, algebra, and functions before we left. I would like to add the unit 8 test to IA (powertest) for you to work through for practice. Please feel free to use your notes and other resources provided to help you. Also, remember IXL and JLAB are perfect review tools too. :) 

2. We have geometry and probability for our final units. Mrs. McDannell and I are hoping to teach these using units using Zoom. I am going to add a link to my web page by Friday to share the day and times each week that we will host a Zoom learning session.

I will be sending out an email to parents and students very soon. Please keep in touch. I miss the busyness of the day and all of your smiling faces.

Your teacher,
Mrs. Querry

Please contact me at any time. 
Melissa Querry