Links to sites for different content areas:


Scholastic Learning

Vooks - Read Aloud

Storyline Online - Read Aloud

- All great for books and read aloud – Wh questions: who, what, when, where

- Scholastic is partnering with Book Flix for 20 days of FREE lessons.  Right now they have the 1st 5 lessons uploaded-they include lessons on communities, animals, sound, and weather.  It looks like an excellent resource.  Just click the link below and choose 1st/2nd grade

Reading A-Z

- Learning A-Z (requires email but provides free samples for multiple different subject areas)


SwitchZoo - Lessons

Kids National Geographic

- Science Videos and mini-lessons for all grade levels



- great for indoor activities and morning wake ups - we used gonoodle a lot for indoor recess and different brain break activities


Fun Brain Math

- Great for math and reading

Other Recommendations for Things to Do:

  • Read! Read to them and ask questions and have them read to you
  • Practice sight words, read and spell the words, look for sight words everywhere
  • Talk about calendar – today is, tomorrow will be, yesterday was. Today’s date is? What month, what day, what year, what day of the week?
  • Drawing! Then write about your drawing, what is happening? Who/what is it?
  • Practice tying your shoes
  • Practice independent and appropriate hygiene skills (keeping hands and other items out of your mouth and using a tissue), bathroom needs, washing your hands, no nose picking or hands in your mouth
  • Talking! Back and forth conversations, asking questions
  • Play! Practicing taking turns with games, running around outside and other physical activities (practicing boundaries)