We are currently on pages 106-107 of the textbook.  We completed three activities on these pages today in class.  There will be a quiz on the information on these two pages as well as on the verb ir (to go).
By now all country projects  for the Second Quarter should have been presented.  A few students have not turned one in yet.  By tomorrow these will become NHIs. 
The students are also given a passport with all the skills to be learned in each unit.  They have all the time that it takes us to cover the unit to get these done.  Again most students have turned one in, but there are a few that have not.  By tomorrow, Thursday these will also become NHIs.
The next passport is short.  It will be a set of questions that students should be able to provide an answer to.
I will post the passport here next week, so that parents are aware of what it looks like.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

January 24, 2017
There will be a quiz on Friday on the four ways to formulate questions in Spanish.  The students were given a handout as well as an on-line activity to be completed by tomorrow that will help them to review for this quiz.

January 31, 2017

We have begun on the second half of Unit 3.  We are going to move quickly through the rest of the chapter.  Today we covered modes of transportation and how to say if a place is close or far from another.
There will be a quiz on this vocabulary tomorrow.  There were also two assignments to be completed on line which are due tomorrow.