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    During our school's closure, please visit the First Grade Team Page and go to the 1st Grade Home Learning Page for links to suggested resources, lessons and activities you can do to help continue learning at home. 

    As always, if you need anything or have questions, please do not hesitate to email me at!

    I hope you all are doing well, staying healthy, and enjoying some time with your families at home. I miss seeing you all and I am thinking of you often. I am so sad about how our year ended and that we never got a proper "goodbye". It's been an incredible honor to be your teacher this year and getting to watch you learn and grow! I miss your stories, questions, smiles, and our daily routine. I am enjoying your emails and pictures letting me know what you've been doing! Do your best to keep learning at home during this crazy time. I hope you are enjoying the suggested activities that I have sent out. Until we meet again...

    Mrs. Zugibe

    UPDATED 04/13/2020: Parents--

     We hope this message finds you all well. We also hope you had a nice Spring break! We are missing our students terribly. 

    As the county implements what it is calling “Phase 4 of the continuity of Learning Plan”, we wanted to note a few changes that will take effect starting this week, April 13. 

    As requested by the county, a weekly schedule has been developed that includes the following:

    -60 minutes of combined review lessons and student learning time per week
    -60 minutes available per teacher for designated virtual “office” hours
    --60 minutes weekly for school counseling, special education support, and English Language Learner support

    The designated time currently for first grade teacher office hours is every  Monday and Wednesday from 9:30am-10:00am. During these designated office hours, your child’s teacher will be available to answer questions you have immediately within that window of time. It does not mean you cannot still email your child’s teacher at other times. They will still respond within the 24-hour time period if you email outside of the office hours.

    For the 60 minutes of review lessons and learning, we will still develop and send out a weekly choice board. Reminder, it can be found on the Nokesville First Grade Home Learning Page. All of the links, activities and web pages included can be accessed by clicking on them directly in the board. Your child does not have to complete all of the choices. These are optional, suggested activities only. They should spend a maximum of 60 minutes per week on each content area. The schedule suggests doing one subject per day for 60 minutes, which could be any combination of one or more of the choices depending on your child.

    The first grade team has divided the work of each subject. Therefore, if you have any questions directly related to any of the activities in the choice board, you can contact the following First Grade Teacher:

    Language Arts (Monday): Mrs. Hale

    Math (Tuesday): Mrs. Zugibe

    Social Studies (Wednesday): Mrs. Cheshire

    Science (Thursday): Mrs. Byer

    As always, if you have any questions specifically about your child or account passwords, you can still email your child’s teacher.  

    We just want to reiterate that all of these activities are optional. All of these skills have been previously taught. The activities and lessons are meant to review and keep your child’s skills in practice during this time away from the regular school schedule. We do not expect you to replicate a traditional school day or spend hours a day on schoolwork at home. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns. 

    Thank you so much for your continued support at home. 

    Sincerely, The First Grade Team

  • Class Specific Log-in Information

Raz Kids- The teacher username for our class is: kzugibe     Your child has his/her own personal icon with their name and a picture password. If you need this information, please email me.

Epic! Reading-The class code is: wac7705 You may email me for your child's pin #

1st Grade Schedule

Morning Work


Language Arts 














Science/Social Studies




Daily Encore Schedule
      (a calendar will be sent home each month with the schedule). Please make sure your child wears sneakers on PE days. 

Day 1: Technology

Day 2: Music

Day 3: Art

Day 4: P.E.

Day 5: Technology

Day 6: Active Art

Day 7: Music

Day 8: P.E.

Day 9: Technology

Day 10: Music

Day 11: Art

Day 12: P.E.