The week of June 8th Choice Board is now available in the Weekly Choice Board folder!
On the 1st Grade At Home Learning page, you will find the most current information as well as academic activities for your child to work on at home.

  • In the "Elementary Gifted and Talented" folder you will find a link to Mrs. McHugh's webpage for resources and activities to help enrich and extend learning. You will also find a document that she has made with several activities that can be downloaded or printed.
  • In the "Encore links" folder, you will find the links to the Encore Teachers pages with suggested activities for Art, Music, PE, and Technology. 
  • In the "Helpful Websites for At Home Learning" folder, you will find different learning links for the students to use. There is also a document with descriptions of each website and log in information if needed.
  • In the "Pacing Guide" folder, you will find the yearly pacing guide for first grade. *All of the standards and objectives listed up until the week of March 9-13th HAVE been covered.
  • In the "TNS Elementary Library" folder, you will find extra library activities developed by Ms. Parrot, our librarian. There will be one each week for the remainder of the year. Each activity will have an introductory video and a PDF "handout" with directions, resources, and templates. Everything you need will be in the folder below. There is also a link to Ms. Parrot's page in the folder for even more library resources.
  • In the "Weekly Choice Board" folders, you will find the choice board menus offering different suggested learning activities and games for reading/writing, mathematics, and social studies/science. Any games, documents, worksheets that are suggested will also be included here.
    • Also within this folder is a document in the "Math Activities" folder that includes 8 different math number sense games that can be played with a deck of cards. Something fun that doesn't require screen time. (Hoping most families have a deck of cards lying around!) Starting the week of April 13th we will put one or two in the weekly choice board document. We recommend practice with a parent a few times before they could do it on their own.
  • PWCS Home Learning Page
    This link has some excellent resources put together by Prince William County Public Schools for parents to utilize during this time.