How to use Flipgrid!
1. You will need to use your PWCS email, which ends in If you need to reset your password, go to this page.
2. Go to and enter the code tns5. Click the blue arrow.
3. Click the red "Log in with Microsoft" button. Use your PWCS email. 
4. Click on the 'grid' where you want to post your video. Follow the green arrows! 

-Flipgrid videos are closed, unless otherwise noted. This means only I can view the videos. 
-Any videos that are 'open to the class' are ONLY accessible to those people in the class. The whole world can't see your video. 

If you have questions, please email me at and I'd be happy to help you!

Try to spend 10 minutes (or more!) on strings stuff each day! You can pick from any of the following activities:

Try the weekly practice suggestion!
Watch performance videos!
Try tuning your instrument!
Record a flipgrid video!
Check out the challenge of the week!
Play a note-reading game!
Try a new song!