All students should be taking home instruments and music after each orchestra class to practice. Cello and Bass players should bring their music folder to each class,
then take it at the end of class.
Violin and viola players have enough time at the end of each day to retrieve instruments from the orchestra classroom. If a student is checking out early, they should take the instrument home before leaving the school.

All students should have the method book "Measures of Success, book 1" for their instrument (violin, viola, cello, or double bass). Books can be purchased online or at any music store. Students will use these books in class and for assigned performance assessments throughout the year. 

What has 6th grade orchestra learned this year? 


Note-reading & Music Theory

Scales & Technique

Ensemble Skills

Method Book


1st Quarter

Review open strings, D string finger pattern and notes.

Learn/review A string notes (quiz).

D major.

Posture review.

Whole bows, up/down bows.

Rehearsal readiness: have materials, read directions, rest/ready/play positions.

p. 6-11

Scotland’s Burning
Ham Bone
Fruitful Fields
Dinosaur Damage
(November Concert)

2nd Quarter (sub)

Learn G string notes & pattern, review D and A string notes (quiz).

Learn 4th open string: C and E.

D major, G major.

Intonation and finger position.

Bow circles,

Staccato/legato bows

Tuning skills

Counting multi-measure rests.


p. 12-20

2.36 Nutcracker Theme

Dinosaur Damage

Country Fiddler

Nutcracker (book)

What to work on: End of 3rd Quarter

- Try tuning your instrument: use a tuning app! (See website for recommendations)
- Play through D and G scales: try using different parts of your bow!
- Listen for echoing notes: violin/violas: 3rd finger, cellos: 4th finger, bass: 1st finger
- Method book: anything up to page 29 (work ahead if you’d like!) Start with good posture, end with a short pause. Especially try these lines: 2.44, 3.5, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.15, 3.18, 3.19, 3.23, 3.26, 3.28, 3.32
- Play through Pyramid Concert songs: Cornbread, Crypt (see website for link to backing track), Country Fiddler, River Fergus
- Watch videos (on website) and practice C-natural and F-natural.
- Record yourself playing the new minor scales on Flipgrid! Your code is tnsorch6
- Try any of the play-along songs (see website!). There’s a new one every week! Email requests to Ms. Henke
- Play note-reading games: see the orchestra website

What if I don’t have my instrument?

-       Watch performance videos (check the orchestra website each week!)
-       Play note-reading games
-       Write letter names or finger numbers in your music
-       Play an air-instrument for a few minutes each day (this seriously helps)

What if I don’t have a book?
Get one! Here is a link to Amazon, or order from any music store website. Violin   viola   Cello   Bass