Hi, 7th graders.  I hope all of you are healthy and finding ways to enjoy this time with family.  The following chart lists the major concepts that we have worked on so far, this semester. 

Concepts Description  Activities 
Magnetic Flow, Attraction, Repulsion, 
AC/DC, Current

Electromagnetic Force

Students explore the contributions of famous scientists, such as James Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison.

Students investigate the characteristics of electromagnetism and then use what they learn to build a simple electric motor.
  • Scientist Videos
  • Concept Videos
Gravity, Pressure, Tension,Strength DaVinci's Bridge

  • Team design and build a bridge.
  • Reflections on teamwork, experiment results, and lessons learned.
Gravity, Velocity, Tension,  Trajectory, Motion, Force, Torsion,  Kinetic and Potential Energy Catapult
  • Team design and build a catapult.
  • Reflections on teamwork, experiment results, and lessons learned.


There are lots of great learning options on the county Home Learning Page.  Some of my favorite sites are Khan Academy, Discovery Education, and National Geographic. 

I will be sending email to each class with suggested activities and options for improving grades.  Please feel free to contact me at itagp@pwcs.edu any time!