Language Arts

Welcome to Mrs. Pixley's 6th Grade Language Arts!

Welcome to my page!  I hope that you are staying healthy and doing a little reading and/or writing each day!  Soon, you will be receiving optional work from each core class, for each day of the week.  This work will not be graded, and I don't expect it to be sent to me.  In the mean time, or in case boredom sets in, you can try the following learning sites:

1. PWCS has a Home Learning page of resources here

2.  Scholastic also created an amazing at-home learning page that you can access here.

3. Visit IXL here and sign in using your lunch number.  Go to 6th Grade Language Arts and pick any of the starred items to practice skills we have learned this year.

-I will be using Teams through MS 
Office 365 for notes and worksheets instead of posting on this web page.  (Notes and PowerPoints for skills already taught this year will be in the left menu under files and documents.) 
-Students can access this on the 
Nokesville Symbaloo with their login and password. The student login is the first six letters of the last name, first initial, middle initial, and the same password they use for computer logins.
-Copies of work that is posted each week will be in Teams-Files for Mrs. Pixley's Language Arts Class-Files-and the date for that week, and files will be sent over email daily.

-If you have any questions, please contact me:

Reading Standards Taught:

6.4b- Use synonyms and antonyms to expand vocabulary

6.4c- Context Clues

6.4d/6.5h -Figurative Language

6.4e-Reference Materials

6.5a-Elements of Narrative Structure

6.5b/6.6i- Cause and Effect

6.5e-Word Choice and Imagery

6.5f/6.6e-Draw Conclusions and Make Inferences


6.5i-Compare and Contrast

6.5j/6.6f&g-Author’s Organizational Pattern

6.5k/6.6k-Reading Strategies to monitor comprehension

6.6b/6.6c-Main Idea and Supporting Details


6.6j-Analyze ideas between selections

 Reading Standards Not Taught:

6.4a- Origins and Derivations (We left off here)

6.4b-Use Roots and Affixes (We left off here)

6.6h-Fact and Opinion

*We also did not get to the Poetry Unit which is 6.5

Writing/Grammar Standards Taught:

6.7a-l- all have been taught

6.8c-Verb Tenses

6.8f-verbs, adjectives, adverbs (verbs in detail)

6.8g- Use correct spelling for frequently used words

6.8h-Use subordinating and coordinating conjunctions

Writing/Grammar Standards Not Taught:

6.8a-subject-verb agreement

6.8a-Pronoun-antecedent agreement

6.8d-Eliminate Double Negatives

6.8e-Use quotation marks with dialogue