The Nokesville K-8 School

12375 Aden Road
Nokesville, VA 20181




Eric Worcester

Assistant Principal:

Geoffrey Brunson

Administrative Assistant:

Candace Schwartz

Date Opened:

September 5, 1929
(original  building pictured below)

Current Building Opened:

September 2, 2015
Number of Students: 817

School Colors:

Orange and Black

School Mascot:


Nokesville School History

Nokesville Elementary School has been housed in at least four school buildings and known by several different names. The Nokesville Village School opened in 1870 in a log cabin on Wilkins Corner, now the junction of Nokesville Road and Fitzwater Drive. By 1833, it had moved to a new one-room schoolhouse located at the northeast corner of Fitzwater Drive. That one-room school served the community for 25 years until a new two-room building was erected in 1908.

The building on Fitzwater Drive (above) opened its doors on September 5, 1929, as Brentsville District High School. At that time, the school housed grades one through 11.

A new Brentsville District High School was opened in 1964 and at that time, the older building reverted to the name of Nokesville Elementary School, the name by which was known until September 2015. A new building was constructed on Aden Road next to Brenstville District High School to replace the elementary school and to accommodate the middle school students in Nokesville. The Nokesville School K-8  opened on September 2, 2015.

Community Served

Nokesville area

Enrichment Programs & Extracurricular Activities

Enrichment programs and extra-curricular activities at Nokesville include Drama Club, Cooking Club, Garden Club, Running Club, Spirit Squad, Robotics, Basketball, PTA sponsored meetings and special guest speakers.

Opportunities for Parent & Community Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in the school's day-to-day activities. They may tutor small groups or individuals, help in the classroom, or participate in the many family activities offered.

What Makes Our School Unique?

Nokesville has benefited from its history and a strong tradition of community support. Many of its students are grandchildren of graduates of this fine school. It's always a great day to be at Nokesville!