Principal Eric Worcester

March Update:

I hope that all our families are staying healthy and doing well. These are extraordinary times. It is difficult to comprehend the circumstances that have ended our school year.  I, along with the rest of The Nokesville School staff, miss the bustle of busy hallways and the sight of our students learning in their classrooms.  I miss the daily moments that helped structure the school day like watching our fifth grade patrols guiding kindergarten students to their bus in the afternoon or listening to our 8th grade announcers and grade level guest stars in the morning reminding everyone, “It’s a great day to be at Nokesville!” I’m sorry that our students are missing the opportunity to finish off this school year in classrooms with their friends and teachers. But I understand that challenging times call for sacrifice; our collective measures will ultimately help keep more people safe.

While it is a challenge for every grade level to end so early, I think it is especially difficult for those in our transition years. I have talked with our 5th and 8th grade teams and we would still like to hold some sort of transition ceremony for our students when such things become possible again.

As we move forward through the rest of the year, teachers will be working to consistently update their webpages/TEAMS sites to provide resources and information to our students. While we can no longer be in classrooms, we will still look to provide a way for our students to have access to information and materials to support their academic growth.  Prince William County has collected a wealth of resources and posted them on this web page: Home Learning Page

One of the suggestions on this site is for daily schedules and how activities might be structured throughout the day. Keeping an ongoing, structured routine, when possible, will be helpful for our students.

For our families who might need food assistance, as of Monday, March 23, the timeframe to pick up Prince William County Public Schools to-go meals will be expanded to 11 a.m.  To-go meals will be provided to all children under the age of 18, without charge, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, and there will be no discrimination during the meal service.  The closest site for most of our Nokesville families is Marsteller Middle School, 14000 Sudley Manor Dr.  Bristow, VA

Service times: Monday-Friday* 9-11 a.m. 
Service Style: To-go meals served at the front door of each location
Meal Types: Packaged breakfast and lunch will be provided at the same time
*Range of dates may change based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Virginia Department of Health guidance.

 Service Sites

Elementary School Sites:
Coles, Dale City, Fitzgerald, John D. Jenkins, Mullen, Tyler, Yorkshire

Middle School Sites:
Beville, Graham Park, Hampton, Fred Lynn, Lake Ridge, Marsteller, Parkside, Potomac, Rippon, Stonewall, Woodbridge

High School Site:
Forest Park

In the coming days and weeks, while we may have to stay apart, I would encourage you to find opportunities to gather virtually with friends, classmates, and family.  Being together while apart will help strengthen us to get through this situation. Despite the current hardship, I am confident in the strength and resilience of our community, staff, and students. Our theme for the year was Envision Tomorrow. While today was not the tomorrow I envisioned, there are still bright days waiting ahead. We will get through this situation; from our sacrifice we will find greater resilience, and from our difficulty, we will find more strength.  Even in the quiet of our isolation, I believe that our Tigers will keep roaring.

Be safe. Stay well.


Principal's Comments:

The 2019-2020 school year is off to a fantastic start at The Nokesville School. Our theme for the school year is Envision Tomorrow. Throughout the school year, we hope to engage our students in planning for the future and unleashing their potential. We will also be encouraging global awareness and teaching our students about different world languages. By the end of the school year, all of our students should know a few phrases in several different languages including Chinese, Spanish, and Swahili.  

We are very proud of our successes at The Nokesville School and appreciate the support of our community in reaching our goals. Our students showed high levels of success on our annual statewide test with some notable achievements in Prince William County Public Schools including: 1st  place for both 7th grade math pass and pass advanced; 1st place for 4th grade VA Studies pass advanced; 2nd place for 4th grade Math pass advanced; and 2nd place in 6th grade math pass advanced. Congratulations to our staff and students on these excellent results. In addition, we witnessed a lot of growth from our various student groups.

It’s been a wonderful start to the school year. We will keep working to make every year a memorable journey in your child’s education.

As the only K-8 school in Prince William County Public Schools, The Nokesville School is able to offer a unique experience for our students. We appreciate the opportunity to have nine grade levels in the same building as we strive to provide the best learning environment possible.  We truly appreciate our Nokesville students and families and look forward to an excellent year ahead as we continue to pursue our school vision of A Visionary Community Inspiring Excellence.

           Mrs. Schwartz, Mr. Brunson Mr. Worcester